International Conference on Agriculture, Ecology and Biological Engineering

For Complaint:

AEBE Call for Paper

Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

  •  Agricultural Sciences and Engineering 
  •  Air pollution and its effects on ecosystems
  •  Animal Breeding, Genomics & Biotechnology
  •  Biology
  •  Biodiversity
  •  Bio-Medical
  •  Cellular and molecular biology
  •  Cell and Microbiology
  •  Crop breeding, genetics & genomics
  •  Chemistry
  •  Chemical engineering 
  •  Chemical engineering educational challenges and development
  •  Chemical engineering equipment design and process design 
  •  Catalysis and reaction engineering 
  •  Crystallization, Distillation, absorption and extraction 
  •  Ecology and Pollution
  •  Environmental Sciences & engineering  
  •  Food Science and Technology
  •  Green organic synthesis routes 
  •  Genetics
  •  Intelligent polymers 
  •  Material and Metallurgical Engineering
  •  Membranes and membrane science 
  •  New materials and Nanotechnology structured products 
  •  Physical, Theoretical and Computational Chemistry
  •  Rheology, Interfacial and colloidal phenomena 
  •  Transport phenomena in porous/granular media 
  •  Plastics and Polymers
  •  SCF as solvent substitutes 
  •  Soil
  •  Water
  •  Waste Management


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